Managing for food safety


This course provides the knowledge and skills to develop, implement and maintain a food safety and hygiene
system in the commercial kitchen.

Who should attend:

• Executive chefs
• Sous-chefs
• F & B managers
• Kitchen Managers


✓ Legal compliance with the R918 and Consumer Protection Act
✓ To select and manage suppliers from a food-safety perspective
✓ To create, manage and complete a cleaning schedule and checklist
✓ To develop, complete and maintain checklists and log sheets
✓ To perform internal food-safety audits focusing on critical areas
✓ To manage documentation for food safety system (templates provided)

SECTION 1 – Essential food-safety knowledge for the commercial kitchen
SECTION 2 – Effectively manage a commercial kitchen
SECTION 3 – OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Staff members who have attended Management for Food Safety are trained on how to use the DVD Training System: Food Safety Made Easy to train food handlers effectively.

Section 1 Outline

• Basic Microbiology
• Food Poisoning

Preventing food poisoning

• Personal hygiene
• Cleaning and sanitising
• Food temperature control
• Handling food
• Storage
• Pest control
• Handling waste

Section 2 Outline


• What makes a good kitchen manager
• Legal landscape
• R918 basics
• Consumer Protection Act

Managing staff and suppliers

• Staff and food safety
• Suppliers

Cleaning and sanitising

• Developing and implementing a cleaning schedule
• Developing and implementing a cleaning checklist
• Standardised cleaning procedures
• Chemical suppliers
• Cleaning equipment
• Automatic dishwashing
• Manual scullery
• Common cleaning problems

Handling food

• Food-temperature control
• Receiving
• Preparing food
• Deep-frying oil
• Storage and date coding


• Pest control
• Handling waste
• Kitchen maintenance

Food-safety system

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