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Finally, a practical, entertaining, stimulating and easy-to-understand training system on food safety. The DVD Training System: Food Safety Made Easy ensures control, convenience, flexibility and value for money to ANY business in the food service and hospitality industries. The DVD Training System: Food Safety Made Easy is of an outstanding quality. It is interesting, amusing and has been designed to capture the attention of the learner to ensure maximum retention of information and positive behavioural change.


Cooks is a chef who used to be terribly unhygienic. He has changed his ways and is passing on the lessons he learnt. Cooks takes learners through all the material in a fun and entertaining way. The DVD consists of the following sections:

1.    Basic Microbiology
2.    Food Poisoning
3.    Preventing Food Poisoning
3.1. Personal Hygiene
3.2. Cleaning and Sanitising
3.3. Food Temperature Control
3.4. Handling Food
3.5. Storage
3.6. Pest Control
3.7. Handling Waste


The DVD Training System allows complete flexibility for companies to train their own staff effectively:
-   at any time
-   over many days
-   at a pace more conducive to the learner
-   without a minimum number of learners
Any new staff can be trained effectively before they even begin work. Refresher training can be scheduled regularly without incurring extra costs.

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Training Manual

The training manual has been developed to assist the trainer by giving detailed instructions for each section, giving answers to frequently asked questions and giving model answers to revision questions. The training manual empowers trainers by giving them the tools and information to conduct extremely successful training.

Training DVD

The DVD deals with everything a person working in a commercial kitchen needs to know about food safety, all in a stimulating and entertaining way.

- Section or chapter selection
- Step-by-step demonstrations
- Correct behaviour illustrations
- Explains the abstract through animation

Learner workbook

The learner workbook has been developed for the learner to use during and after the training. It explains everything in further detail, uses photography to ensure understanding and is invaluable to the learning process. A test is included with the learner workbook and once the trainer is confident the learning has taken place, the learner is ready for the test.

Test and Certificate

A test is included in the cost of a Learner Workbook. A certificate is issued to learners should they receive 80% and above for the test. The learner workbook has revision questions at the end of each section. The revision questions assist the trainer in determining if the learning has taken place. It is very important that the test not be given until learners have understood the material and are confident in their food-safety knowledge. The aim is to build confidence and ensure positive behavioural change. Once all the learners have completed the test, ClassAct will mark them. A pass mark is over 80% and a certificate will be sent to the trainer. Should a learner struggle to read and write the trainer can ask the questions orally and write down the answers for the learner provided the learner supplies the answers.


DVD & Training Manual R2 499 (excl. VAT)
Learner Workbook, Test & Certificate R249 (excl. VAT)
Delivery and collection charges dependent on location

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