Home Hygiene Test

People are often worried about the cleanliness of their kitchen. We offer a service whereby we answer your food safety and hygiene questions. You may be worrying for nothing or there could be some simple changes you could make to feel confident about your home.

The introductory services costs R899.00 and includes the following: A visual inspection and consultation where we answer any food safety and hygiene questions you may have. We test your home for bad bacteria by means of a Home Test with 4 bacteria swabs. Should you require more swabs or want your water tested, please refer to the Price Breakdown for costs. Should you not require a visual inspection and consultation, refer to the Price Breakdown for individual swab costs.

Examples of areas we can swab:

• Chopping boards
• Preparation surfaces
• Food processing equipment like mixers and blenders
• Fridge and door handlers
• Knives / utensils
• Colanders and mixing bowls
• Hands


• Total count bacteria swab each – R148
• E.coli and staph test – R235
• Food E.coli test – R259
• Water test – R220

Contact us to enquire about our package deals.

Travel will be charged at R2.92 per kilometre.

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