Food Safety Made Easy

 “It was interactive and practical. It helps improve personal hygiene and change daily bad habits.” 

 “It was very good some of the things I didn’t know them but now I know them. It was the best course in my life.” 

 “It was amazing and fascinating to learn about the different types of risks involved in contaminated food. The guidelines and safety measures will be very useful for our day to day tasks in the kitchen.” 

 “I think that this course was extremely excellent and it gave us a lot of knowledge about food poisoning, hygiene and safety that will be a very necessary future reference.” 

 “The course was very interesting. Actually it should be taught to every South African. I can say to the human being the whole world.” 

 “The course is very helpful and it will help us understand the importance of maintaining a healthy and clean environment.” 

 “The highlight of this was when we were taught the importance storage and how to maintain the food away from bacteria.” 

 “It was very informative and I personally learnt a lot. Now I know where to improve.” 

 “It made me aware of my mistakes and the fact that I was not using proper measures which I was aware of. I was cutting corners.” 

 “A lot of things that I didn’t know about as a chef how to prepare foods and how to prevent food poisoning.” 

 “They are things I was not aware of and I learnt more about food handling, storage and best ways of reducing germs” 

 “I learned a lot of things. I was doing some of the things I thought was right but now I know what to do and how to do.” 

 “As a chef I think the whole course I have benefit a lot. All sections were interesting.” 


 “Now I have skill to share with my team, explanation clearly understood.” 

 “It was an eye opener, I didn’t know about Legionella.” 

 “It equip us on how we can deal with legionella disease.” 

 “She is knowledgeable about legionella, speaks clearly at the right pace, interacts with attendees, recaps frequently to ensure we all remember, course content is thoroughly done with video etc. She inspires me.” 

 “I enjoy that I have learned more about how to control Legionella from the tap and the showers as I”m working in rooms.” 

 “Two way communication, gave us a room to ask question and explain in our own way as long as it was understood by all of us. The drawings made things simpler to understand.” 

 “I suggest that the course should be done by every employee, so that every one should report everything which need to be attended to very soon.” 

 “My suggestion is that one day is short. It need two days only it will be okay.” 

Essential customer Service

 “What I enjoyed was that when dealing with service you must be confident.” 

 “I enjoyed everything because now I would be able to give all the customers needs.” 

 “The course was lively and practical.” 

 “What I can say is that you must be proud and friendly and concentrate to the customers needs.” 

 “I enjoy about greeting the customer and how to show respect and friendly.” 

 “I have gained confident.” 

 “If we can all be trained in the hotel maybe the standard can improve in everything.” 

Table Service Made Easy

 “I enjoyed because I learnt a lot about how to interact with a guest from the door until goodbye.” 

 “Having confident of my daily life than to live your daily life performing something not sure of.” 

 “As a waitor this is our daily life of course which we will live with confidence now.” 

 “I enjoy how to greet the customer.” 

 “The way to greet the customer, and the way you lead the customer to the table.” 

 “I had enjoy learned about service and product knowledge.” 

 “It was too short miss it already.” 

 “Yes it was interesting because I learn more things which I do not understand.” 

 “If it can be done maybe twice a year to keep the waiters updated with any changes in this kind of business/industry.” 

Trainer Feedback

 “She was active and practical and made things easy to understand.” 

 “She had a sense of humour. And when she talked she looked us straight in the eye. And the fact that she was able to remember everyone’s names.” 

 “Her explanations were very understandable, in terms of use of language. She answered questions properly.” 

 “Speaks well, change in tone, keeps everyone awake, interactive.” 

 “She made the presentation fun and easy to understand. Tolerant.” 

 “She spoke clearly and involved every delegate for participating.” 

 “She had good knowledge of subject and was friendly and approachable.” 

 “She is very passionate and liked her approach and knowledge. She ensured that we understood everything about the course.” 

 “Dynamic, kept us listening to her. Kept it simple as there are vast differences between the staff attending. Interacted with all the staff.” 

 “She interacted with us, she made examples and explained very well.” 

 “Very energetic and she knew and understood what she was talking about.” 

 “I think our trainer knows what she is doing. Always send her more often when there is any trainings in future. She is wonderful.” 

 “Would like to attend more classes of same trainer.” 

 “The trainer was very entertaining at times. I won’t ever forget “the danger zone.” 

 “She is fun. Uses lots of example (real examples) allows trainees to say their suggestions. Addressed everyone with their names.” 

 “She is very friendly and she is open, she answers all the questions that she been asked.” 

 “What I like about the trainer is so gentle and explaining nicely so that u can understand. She is so friendly to everyone of us. I feel like doing another course.” 

 “She take enough time to elaborate and give everyone a chance to ask. She doesn’t want to leave anyone behind. She make sure we are all in the same place.” 

 “Our trainer is good person; a good entertainer talking to you with a smile. She can take time for you if you don’t understand.” 

 “She is the best when coming to make people to understand and she uses simple English so that we can understand properly.” 

 “Well trained, she knows how to explain something we don’t understand.” 

 “What I like about the trainer is that she is always willing to help and good in explaining things. I can say she is patient with people.” 

 “She is organised, always willing to help and she give advices and she is encouraging all the time.” 

 “She is well trained in her job. In additioning to that if you don’t understand she let you stop her and come again.” 

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